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Phil Briggs
Sustainability Lead & Impact Producer



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Phil has skills, qualifications, and experience across many sectors: Impact Producing, Eco Consultant / Sustainability Lead, Health & Safety Advisor, Medic, Location Manager, and Expedition Leader / Fixer. 

A former Royal Marines Commando and Wildlife Crime and Environment Officer, Phil has over 30 years of professional experience in the outdoor and sustainability sectors. He is an expert in adventure, location finding, regenerative travel, conservation, and environment. Phil has carved a niche in impact producing, sustainability consultation, and fixing for expedition organisations, scientific research trips, remote film and TV shoots, and films with purpose. Phil collaborates with teams to facilitate their transition into new, sustainable production and delivery methods.

As impact producer, Phil engages civil society groups and relevant audiences, ensuring the film makes an impact beyond the cinema, helping to create real-world change and social improvements.Since 2019, Phil has worked with Picture on the Wall Productions as impact producer and sustainability lead.

Campaigns include feature documentary ‘Children of the Snow Land,’ ensuring that Nepali teenagers are reunited with their families, and ‘The Mirror Cracked,’ raising awareness about the lives of Indonesia’s sea gypsies. Phil's commitment to wildlife and environmental conservation has earned awards from leading organisations such as WWF and PAW. His status as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society reflects his dedication to the outdoors and responsible exploration. Phil has organised and led numerous expeditions globally. Films include location managing for ‘Mongolia: Taking on the Gobi’ and health & safety advising for ‘Dancing with the Birds’.Phil also designs wilderness-based personal and social development programmes. He is a BAFTA Albert sustainability practitioner, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Medic, and Health & Safety Advisor. Phil’s extensive experience spans extreme desert, arctic, and jungle environments, acquired through military service and over ten years on Mountain Rescue Teams in Scotland.

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