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Rotten Apple
A bleakly comic tale of grief, healing and unexpected encounters.

 Priz UIP prize winner, Berlinale, 2007.

 European Academy Award Nominee 2008

ROTTEN APPLE tells the story of  father and son, both confirmed town-dwellers, as they try to make a fresh start on a remote, run-down farm, in a bid to forget the wife and mother they have lost. 


Before long their quiet life is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious woman, bringing a subtle transformation to their simple existence. The father takes this new girlfriend to care for his child. This prompts some precocious observations on the son's part, such as why, for instance, do men suck women's toes?


This beautifully crafted narrative won accolades at several film festivals, including a prestigious award at the Berlinale, the Prix UIP for Best European Short Film, highlighting its poignant exploration of human emotions and relationships.


Nathaniel Gleed, Glenn Conroy, Tania Kereishi



Gregg Sulkin

Written & Directed by: Ralitza Petrova

Produced by: Paul Zabihi & Zara Balfour 

Director of Photography: Nemone Mercer

Production Designer: Henrietta Thomas

Music Composed by: Birger Clausen

Production Company:

Picture on the Wall Productions

Made with the Support of Film London

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