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Morning Star

A true story of love under siege in Malta.


Our drama productions are characterised by deep character development and compelling narratives. Explore our portfolio of dramas that resonate and stay with you long after the screen goes dark.

Our captivating mid-length drama MORNING STAR launched at film festivals in 2024, with 16 festival selections and four awards to date.


MORNING STAR takes you on a riveting ride through history. Set against the backdrop of 1940s Malta, this true story weaves together the magnetic tale of Christina, a British entertainer, and the fearless RAF pilot,

Warby, whose love story unfolds as the Mediterranean island is drawn into the Second World War. 


Starring Larissa Bonaci and Ben Lamb (HBO’s The Gilded Age), with Nanette Brimmer and Narcy Calamatta, and featuring rarely glimpsed historical archive footage, elegant design and an original musical score, MORNING STAR promises an unforgettable blend of romance and wartime suspense.

Directed by BIFA award winner Zara Balfour, MORNING STAR brings the forgotten true story of Malta’s golden couple to the screen for the first time. 

As part of Picture on the Wall Productions' commitment to bringing historically rich and emotionally powerful stories to the screen, MORNING STAR represents a significant achievement in narrative filmmaking. It stands as a testament to the enduring power of love and the resilience and unbreakable spirit of those who lived through one of history's most tumultuous periods.

We are now delving deeper into the lives of these extraordinary characters and their island home with a TV series, currently in development.


Larissa Bonaci, Ben Lamb, Nanette Brimmer, Stephen Oliver, Narcy Calamatta, Edward Mercieca


Directed by: Zara Balfour

Written by: Zara Balfour Larissa Bonaci, Enrico Tessarin, Rachel Kaden

Produced by: Enrico Tessarin, Winnie Wong, Larissa Bonaci, Zara Balfour


Co-Producer: Stargate Studios MaltaAssociate Producer: Extreme ReachAssociate Producer: Pineapple Media


Director of Photography: Paul Mackay

Production Designer: Paul Zabihi

Edited by: Franci Ghersci

Original Score & Songs by: Peter Michaels

Costume Designer: Didi Mizzi

Hair & Makeup Designer: Lara Licari


Production Companies:

Picture on the Wall Productions, Nokkla Productions, Pinch MediaMade with the Support of Screen Malta and The Malta Film Commission

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