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Feature Documentary & Docu-Series

(4 x 52’ Episodes)

With Impact-Focused Content


Embark on a global journey to uncover the happiest communities around the world, and delve into learning about the human brain, in a quest to reveal the ingredients needed for the ultimate recipe for happiness.


In a world brimming with new comforts thanks to modern culture, why are depression and anxiety still on the rise? 


"The Recipe for Happiness" seeks to answer this profound question by exploring happiness through a global lens. What makes us truly happy? Is there a universal formula to achieving happiness?


Director: Zara Balfour

Creators: Zara Balfour, Enrico Tessarin, Agam Jain

Producers: Agam Jain, Enrico Tessarin, Zara Balfour

Executive Producer: Winnie Wong

Sustainability Lead: Phil Briggs

Production Companies: Picture on the Wall Productions, Take The Shot Films, Ent 37 & Pinch Media

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